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Professional Countertop Installation to seam granite countertops

Seam Setter for Seam Joining & Leveling If you’re installing granite countertops as part of your kitchen remodel, there’s a good chance you’ll need 2 or more pieces of granite due to size and transportation limitations. Since granite countertops are expensive, you want to take care when joining seams in order to make them as […]

Ficina Blue Disc- Best Designed for Cutting Granite

Blue Disc is a common name for Ficina’s Turbo diamond disc. It is specially designed to cut granites and hard stones. Proudly, it became the best selling diamond disc in 2018. As we know, granite is one of the most abundant rocks on the earth’s surface. Its name derives from the Latin granum (grains), with […]

Ficina Blue Disc – lo strumento migliore per tagliare il granito

Il granito è una delle rocce più abbondanti sulla superficie terrestre. Il suo nome deriva dal latino granum (a grani), con chiaro riferimento alla sua struttura olocristallina, che significa interamente cristallino. In Italia sono assai diffuse rocce granitiche, localizzate nelle Alpi, in Calabria e in Sardegna. I migliori strumenti per tagliare il granito Il taglio […]

Galvanisierter Diamantscheibe Marmor zum Schneiden

Like other natural rocks, it needs to be cut. Have you used electroplated diamond disc for cutting marble? We have many years experience using it and get many good feedback from people using them. We begin by preparing a work plan that allows us to operate comfortably. We cover the ground or floor on which […]

Wie man eine Platte aus Marmor schneiden

La parola marmo deriva dal greco “mármaron” e significa pietra splendente. Essa è una roccia metamorfica pregiata, molto apprezzata per la sua versatilità. Si tratta di un materiale che può essere utilizzato come rivestimento per le pareti del bagno o dei piani cottura, ma adatto anche per impreziosire mensole, piani di mobili e soglie di […]

Stimmt es, dass alle aus Stein mit einem antiken Finish haben kann?

The answer is Yes. Virtually any type of natural stone can achieve an antique finish by using antique brush. Brushing & Antiquing It is easy to produce a textured look, like ‘leathered’ or ‘river wash’ finish, you can achieve this with both manual and automatic machines using antique brush. And this process uses antique brush […]

Warum ist Naßpolieren besser als Trockenpolieren?

In order to make slabs or pieces of marble perfectly smooth and shiny, we have to perform grinding and polishing. Grinding is the first step of mechanical material removal.  Thanks to its long experience in Europe market, FICINA can recommend a specific tool for each type of machine, material and finish.  Cup wheels are a fast […]

die Grundlagen einer Diamantklinge kennen, können Sie das Recht dazu beitragen Entscheidung Kauf

Cutting hard materials such as marble, granite, asphalt, concrete or tiles requires the use of a diamond blade. But how to choose one that will last for a long time and will deliver optimal cutting performance? Firstly, you need to know the basics of a diamond blade.  About the design of a diamond blade Each diamond blade forms […]