Ficina Blue Disc- Best Designed for Cutting Granite

Blue Disc is a common name for Ficina’s Turbo diamond disc. It is specially designed to cut granites and hard stones. Proudly, it became the best selling diamond disc in 2018.

As we know, granite is one of the most abundant rocks on the earth’s surface. Its name derives from the Latin granum (grains), with clear reference to its holocrystalline structure, which means entirely crystalline. In Italy, granitic rocks are widespread, located in the Alps, in Calabria and in Sardinia.

Many of our customers and stone processing factories, have used Blue Discs for cutting granites in both dry and wet application. As a result of it, many users praise its super performance, cutting speed, quality and life span. It cuts fast and clean with a reasonalbe life span.

Turbo blades typically have soft to medium bonds for a variety of general purpose to specific cutting applications. It has a continuous rim with an edge that is serrated. And the serrated edge is designed to increase the cutting speeds, at the same time maintain a smooth cut. Hence, this designcombines the best qualities from both segmented and continuous rim blades. 

These blade sizes range from 40mm to 230mm in diameters. They can be used in grinders, circular saws, and tile saws to cut a variety of hard materials including marble, granite, masonry, and other building materials. Blades are available for both dry and wet cutting applications.

The secret of Ficina Blue Disc performance is its diamond concentration.

Diamond concentration influences the cutting proficiency of diamond blades. Having an appropriate diamond concentration will allow for the maximum use of the diamonds and bond. Having diamond concentrations too high for the material being cut can result in diamonds falling off the blade prematurely. Conversely, if the diamond concentration is too low, it can result in reduced cutting proficiency. 

Diamond concentration typically ranges from 25% to 75%. In general, as the diamond concentration increases, the cutting efficiency and sharpness decrease.

Ø disco Ø foro centrale
Ø40xH10 M14 high flange
Ø50xH10 M14 high flange
Ø60xH10 M14 high flange
Ø75xH10 M14 / M14 high flange
Ø105xH10 M14
Ø115xH10 M14 / Ø22.23
Ø125xH10 M14 / Ø22.23
Ø150xH10 M14
Ø180xH10 FL22.23
Ø230xH10 FL22.23 / Ø22.23 / M14

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