Electroplated diamond disc for cutting marble

Like other natural rocks, it needs to be cut. Have you used electroplated diamond disc for cutting marble? We have many years experience using it and get many good feedback from people using them.

We begin by preparing a work plan that allows us to operate comfortably. We cover the ground or floor on which we will work with open cardboard boxes or with a plastic sheet and rest on the floor wooden boards on which to rest the ends of the marble slab. We need to be clear about the exact point at which to make the cut so we take a pencil and draw guidelines on the surface of the marble that will be of great help during the operation.

We prepare the tool that we will use for cutting. We can opt for an angle grinder with a diamond disc. Indeed, diamond is one of the few materials capable of cutting hard surfaces such as marble or glass with a certain precision.

The Ficina CEML diamond disk is very popular for cutting marble. It is continuous electroplated diamond blade.

Available Disc Diameters: CEML 80xM14, CEML 100xM14, CEML 115xM14, CEML 125xM14, CEML 150xM14, CEML 180xM14, CEML 230xFL.22.23

The Ficina SEM diamond disk is very popular for cutting marble. It is segmented electroplated diamond blade.

SEM 125xM14,    SEM 150xM14,     SEM 180xM14
SEM3-125×22.23,                           SEM3-230×22.23
SEM230xFL.22.23,                        SEM3-230xFL22.23

Marble tends to overheat when subjected to processing and this could also trigger overheating of the grinder motor. To overcome this problem we can, with the help of an irrigation tube, place a light jet of water on the surface of the marble. Cold water will help to avoid the excessive increase in temperature, the marble kept wet, it will be easier to cut. The water trick will also contain the dispersion of the dust that is inevitably created during the engraving.

Now that we have prepared the tools and created the optimal conditions we can proceed with the cutting of the plate. We are careful to follow the previously drawn guidelines with the blade. The cut that we will obtain will not be particularly smooth since we have not used special machinery. To overcome this problem we can rub the edges with a diamond pad. It would be ideal for sanding with 3 steps, 5 steps or 7 steps Ficina pads Diamantato.

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