Is it true that all stone can have an antique finishing?

The answer is Yes. Virtually any type of natural stone can achieve an antique finish by using antique brush.

Brushing & Antiquing

It is easy to produce a textured look, like ‘leathered’ or ‘river wash’ finish, you can achieve this with both manual and automatic machines using antique brush. And this process uses antique brush that moves across the stone surface removing the softer stone material while leaving the harder, more dense material, behind. Hence, it produces a unique, matte look with a texture similar to that of an orange peel.

Tools used: diamond frankfurts, synthetic frankfurts, resin frankfurts, diamond brushes, carborundum brushes, and steel brushes

Diamond Wire Antiquing Brush

Its wires have a high density of diamond powder as an abrasive agent to the treated surface. Diamond powder will enhance the gloss and color of the surface creating a wavy texture.


Bush Hammering

It is a finish that gives the stone or marble slab a rough and non-slip surface. The tools used to make bushhammering are in widia, hard metal, very resistant to bush hammer vibrations. By hand, bush hammering can be carried out using Cuturi’s pneumatic hammers using bush-hammers.

Bush hammered granite

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